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The Christian Life And Service

July 12, 2009

Romans 12

The word plead means to re-enforce with compassion or intense expression concerning a point, situation or viewpoint.

How you think of yourself is how you give of yourself.

You are a living holy temple who walks through the gates of holiness to enter into the courts with praise.

Always present yourself as the total package – a wrapped present from heaven because you are not of this world, you are only passing through so stop trying to make temporary personal and professional connections that will soon fade away in this world.

The only way to survive is to stay connected to the spirit; the eternal saved your life-so stay with it.

Our changing is a process; we have to daily lay our plans, goals, desires, hurts and needs on the altar for God’s daily agenda.

Our decisions and actions are our daily living sacrifices of what Jesus did; not just a WWJD bracelet.

Our service is our demonstration of what Jesus would actually do or say in a situation that we find ourselves in and it becomes a reasonable testimony.

Commitment to obedience is honoring the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again, it is a process

Yes Lord Yes Lord, No flesh, No flesh. Living sacrifice

Is what we do daily holy, acceptable unto God?



Once again, it is a process

Have mercy with yourself and then we will have mercy with others.

Jesus Christ is our example; he lived a sacrificial life to show us we can too; don’t put him back on the cross by refusing to obey; instead let us put our flesh on the altar to burn so we can truly be His instrument.

Which is more profitable?

Which reality do you believe in because this is the one you will invest in?

Choice A:

A reasonable service unto God with new ideas exploding from a renewed mind receiving rewards here on earth as well as them being stored in heaven.

A renewed mind has no walls, which means no limits to block the creativity that God wants to flow like a river.

Being out the box is the acceptable, perfect will of God.

He is a now God, an every present God.

He is ahead of the time and always on time.

Tomorrows fashions will never catch up with him because his style is infinite, unique, creative, par-excel Lon because he is El-Elon.

Fashion or style can never compete with his presence because his presence is on his children.

Choice B:

An ordinary non-challenging day with traditional means of making money.

You are never changing; just getting older pumping out old ideas with an old mind.

An old mind cannot see a superior level of living.

Tradition chokes radicalness and cannot tell you the will of God.

The status quo is beneath his feet

If you think you are all that; then where is God?

Are you consumed with thoughts just about you?

Then you are full of only yourself and then you are empty of God.

Where can faith fit, if you are full of yourself?

Faith flows from one sister to another.

Faith flows from one brother to another.

Faith flows from one brother to his sister.

Faith flows from one sister to her brother.

The blood of Jesus flows from each member of the body to the next. (Jointly formed into one body)

Pride blocks the blood from freely flowing.

Pride is also a faith blocker—arthritis forms and disease develops.

Disjointed—Disjointment—-instead of enjoyment.

What is the body to do?

What are the members of the body to do?

Each member has been given a gift from God to be a blessing to the body (each other), church, neighbor, neighborhood, community, job, colleagues, ect. ECT…

Prophecy: to see the truth through the lie and speak the truth to bring what is disjointed back into alignment. The truth brings healing to the other parts of the body.

Teaching by living demonstration and since each member is joined with another that demonstration will become a lifestyle to the whole body to enable it to move forward.

Exhortation of loving each other so much that we lift each other up to another level of living .

Giving is a given; making sure each member’s need are met spiritually and naturally.

Leadership, to lead for righteousness sake which is with much sacrifice, to be the forerunner gripping each member’s hand to come and go under the leading of God and counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Kindness is the humility part of God’s love and the mentality of the worm.

Be a blessing to those who give you a hard time or give you hell—-if you can do this or even if you do this sometimes more yes than no; you are maturing in God’s selfless merciful love.

Once again, it is a process.

If you refuse; then you are still in “I’m all that” mentality and it is still not what Jesus would say or do.

When a person is truly being filled with more and more of Jesus and less of themselves they will have the ability to be secure enough to desire others to be blessed more than them and have compassion whether it is an enemy or friend.

Have the same mind means having the same thoughts and ideas as God, being on the same page, having the same rhythm.

Our minds should be renewing everyday to accommodate the ideas of God in order to move as the Holy Spirit prompts.

Each part not moving ahead of the other and not leaving any part behind then there is synchronization.

If not the body becomes handicapped.

How we respond to negative vibes, words and situations will also determine what type seed we plant in the enemy that could potentially become a family member.

What seeds we sow (our response to the offensive) will produce a garden or a wooded-lot inside that person’s heart.

If it is word for word and offense to offense then there is a war reaping.

If we drop seeds of love and peace, mercy and grace and have a mentality of

“I want you to have a relationship with God” more than it is important for me to be right.

I will have peace because peace was sown; regardless of the battle.

Don’t be concerned about getting back; God has got our backs.

The only way to truly love our enemies is to allow God’s love to do it through us.

When we are hooked up in alignment with God, we will not see our enemies as enemies anymore;

but as lost sheep butting their heads against the shepherd’s fence not knowing where the opening of the gate is.

By Ardette Johnson on July 10, 2009


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